Sunshine for the Soul!

Happiness is the ultimate health and health is the ultimate wealth.

Have you ever noticed that you automatically are in a better mood after stepping outside on a sunny day? Or that your overall mood changes as soon as the summer months are approaching compared to the doom and gloom of the winter? Sunshine really is the cure! Okay it might not solve ALL your problems but it certainly helps!

Sunshine will help you obtain optimal health faster. Vitamin D is critical to immune, reproductive and heart health. The sun produces antimicrobials that not only fend off disease but balance hormones and improves mood.

There are some key benefits to Vitamin D – the supplement and the sun!

5 Benefits from Vitamin D:

  1. Stronger Bones
  2. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
  3. A Stronger Immune System
  4. A More Balance Mood
  5. Reduced Cognitive Decline

4 Ways to Get Your Vitamin D Intake:

  1. Take a walk outside, or bike ride- enjoy some sunshine while getting some movement in will get your Vitamin D Dose in and some cardiovascular work too!
  2. Head to the beach when the weather is warm – some say the ocean is the second cure right there with the sunshine. I know I believe this! Of course use your sunscreen but feel that warm sun and listen to those waves your mood will certainly change.
  3. Take a Vitamin D Supplement- you can take Vitamin D in supplement format. This allows you to get your Vitamin D in even when the sun isn’t shining.
  4. Eat your Vitamin D- this one sounds silly but plenty of foods contain high doses of Vitamin D. Head to the grocery store and pick up some fish such as tune, trout or salmon. Once again, this lets you get your Vitamin D in on those cloudy days!

My personal favorite dose of Vitamin D is the sun! Sunshine never fails to put a smile on my face. I’ve learned that I need someone sunshine in my life to keep a balance in my health and wellness.

Do what works best for you! Get out there, live your life to the fullest. Do the things that light your soul on fire and help you fall in love with your life every single day.

Sunshine is Good for the Soul


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