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Hi, I’m Marissa

Welcome to my Health, Wealth, & Real Estate Page. I started this page to share our journey to living the healthiest, wealthiest and happiest life possible through our real estate business while inspiring others along the way to live their best life.

In upcoming months and years we are going to visit many topics of health, wealth building and various aspects of real estate to give clarity and inspiration.

The main reason- the information is confusing!!

There is so much conflicting advice out there and often eggs, don’t eat eggs, keto, vegan…buy stocks, no- buy bonds instead…flipping properties is where the money is, become a landlord to build long term wealth, no- don’t do that, tenants are a nightmare!

So of course when most people hear or read all of this they then just freeze. They eat what they want, they don’t strategically save and invest and they rent or only own the home they live in because it’s ‘safe.’ 

So part of learning about me are MY INSPIRATIONS to do what I do, part of my BIG WHY.

When I say inspired me, I mean a flame of excitement burning in my soul to take action kind of excitement.

-Marissa DiMare

My grandfather (Poppy aka Tony Figliola)

My great grandmother (Nanny aka Agnes Allen)

& My husband (Darren DiMare). 

Now, it’s time for Action!

#1 Poppy- Tony Figliola

#1 My grandfather- there’s no other way to say it other than, he was my person. My grandfather was always there, though stubborn, he always spoke reasonably with me.

He had a passion fitness.

He retired twice, worked until he was in his early 70s and went to the gym 5 days per week.

The day he passed away,

I gained angel wings

and that is something that I will be

forever grateful for.”

marissa dimare

He was voted one of the fittest men in Men’s Health Magazine over 50 and he was the oldest one. He could do full splits both ways, he was a triple black belt in karate and had a 6 pack of abs until the day he died.

When he died-it was sudden and it was sad. That day, I lost of the closest people to me and I know in my heart it could have been prevented, which will be discussed in a later post. However, that day- I gained angel wings and that is something that I will be forever grateful for. 

I’m grateful for people and the experiences that shaped me to who I am today.

Next up, is #2- My great grandmother- Nanny- Agnes Allen.

Can you image a life lived from 1911 to 2018?

She was born in 1911 and passed away in 2018 only days after my grandfather, her son-in-law.

Think about this, she was born before the Titanic sank, lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression, decades of economic booms and downfalls, man going to the moon, switching from radio broadcasts to black and white tv, flat screen tv’s, google, facebook and smart phones. When we couldn’t figure out the answer to something, she would tell me, “can’t you just look it up on that device you carry around?!”

She had 6 children and 47 grandchildren and great grandchildren when she passed. She worked, she traveled, she walked, she exercised and she lived. My mom owned a business when I was young and I spent many days with Nanny, I still have many of her habits and her sayings running through my mind and often out of my mouth on a daily basis- that’s truly how someone’s spirit lives on forever, through others.  

Someone’s spirit can live on forever through the positive influence they have on others.

marissa dimare

Now, for #3- My husband Darren, on a daily basis he’s my #1. However for purposes of the order of this post, I am going to the best for last..

This photo was taken at our wedding by our amazing photographers. Everyone inside was dancing the night away. They whispered to us, when you’re ready- let’s take just 5 minutes for just the two of you, it’s something you will always remember. This epic memory outside in the breeze at the Bay Head Yacht Club on our wedding night is something we will always remember- it brings me back to that moment every time I look at the picture.

 My husband is the best life and business partner I could ask for.

He makes me laugh everyday, he’s committed to both of our goals, he’s supportive, he’s understanding and always open minded.

He’s also over a decade older than me and as we build our life together, I am looking to keep him here as long as I can.

After a life of construction and quad riding fatigued (boys will always be boys with their toys) he needed neck surgery and back surgery. We went to the very best doctors, we researched and his results were incredible!!

Healthier than ever before, his surgeon told him that he heals like Wolverine, the doctor did a great job but wasn’t sure why he was healing so quickly- I gave him the scoop!

Details to follow in another post. 

There’s always a reason we do what we do and these three people are my reason.

These three people are my greatest sources of inspiration for my big WHY which is helping others and the people they love to live their best life, live as long as they can and as happy, healthy, and wealthy as possible!

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