Unstoppable: The Simple Shift for Success

I am unstoppable, I will…


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What would you do if nothing could stop you?

  • What would you do if you were limitless?
  • If you were able take risks?
  • If you you were able to push yourself towards major changes?
  • What would you change?
  • What if finances or personal obligations were not a factor? 
  • What if you could feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone?

Someone once told me, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and my husband repeats this phrase often. If you are not growing, you are dying… so the more comfortable you get with being uncomfortable the more you will grow and live your optimal lifestyle. 

We all can think of a bunch of excuses why we can’t or won’t or choose not to.

And we say BUT…

I have this obligation BUT this may get in my way. If you replace BUT with AND and say the excuse out loud, it usually sounds really silly. I have this obligation AND I am prepared that that these these may get in my way AND I will accomplish my goal. 

Try it, it’s fun! You may even choose to write it down to remember 🙂 

Earlier this year, like everyone else we spent some extra time at home. I am grateful that I was able to use this extra time to do some self work: workouts, meditation, healthy cooking, and the launch of healthwealthrealestate

I thought about what I will no longer tolerate from myself…




And what I will no longer tolerate from others… 



Negative Energy 

Time Wasting 

And I Turned to Gratitude

I am grateful to have chosen such an incredible growth partner to create a life with. Someone I can grow with and we can create change together. I am grateful for the life we have created and our journey to continue to live a life by design. 

Darren has taught me true enjoyment in all tasks, rather than just getting through it so it’s done, which makes life much more enjoyable. 

If this extra time taught me anything it is that you can’t change the past but you can only be present in the moment and push through to the future. If you believe in something- it’s your duty to fight for what you believe in. If you truly believe in a dream, turn that into a goal and make it happen with everything you’ve got! 

Push to Fail… and Fail Forward

Success is like lifting weights, when they are soo heavy and your muscles are shaking and you feel like you are going to drop the weight and you finish those last few reps anyway- that’s when the magic happens! 

Just like time under tension over time gets results in health and fitness; time on task over time gets success in life and business. 

As Diana Kokolska from MAPS Coaching always says, “No pressure, no diamonds.” 

So strive for diamonds. 

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