Hydrate Smarter Not Harder: Pink Himalayan Salt Sole Water

Hydrate smarter not harder with Pink Himalayan Salt Sole Water! It has many benefits and is very easy to make. Be sure to watch the video and check out the recipe below for more information and to see how simple the process is!

Benefits of Sole Water:

  • The minerals in the water will act as an escort to your cells so you can hydrate smarter not harder.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt has 84 minerals that are essential to our body functioning at an optimal level.
  • 2 minerals to highlight: 1) Potassium- which helps balance fluid levels, muscles and nerves. 2) Magnesium- improves immune system function and energy levels.
  • It aids in digestion and aids with better sleep.

It’s So Simple to Make! Watch the Video:

Recipe: Pink Himalayan Salt Sole Water

4 Things You Need:

  • Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Mason jar (or similar container – glass is best)
  • Plastic lid
  • Filtered Water

Step 1: Make Your Salt Sole

  1. Fill container 1/4 of the way with the rocks of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
  2. Fill the container 3/4 with filtered water.
  3. Let that mixture sit on your counter for 12-24 hours until all of the minerals from the salt are absorbed into the water.

Once it’s sitting for 24 hours and there is still some salt sitting at the bottom, you know the water has absorbed everything it can from the salt – this is good! Likewise, if you don’t see any pink salt settling at the bottom, add more salt and let the mixture sit for another 12-24 hours.

Step 2: Make Your Pink Himalayan Salt Sole Water

  1. Using a plastic scoop (not metal) add 2 tablespoons of that salt mixture to a 1-gallon jug. Estimate one tablespoon for a half-gallon of water, etc.
  2. Enjoy and stay hydrated!

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