It Starts With You with Danielle Aque

Danielle Aque

How do you tune in to what your body needs and find alignment in the middle of a busy (understatement) lifestyle? Listen to an amazing interview with guest Danielle Aque as we dive into building self-awareness, at a high-level, in order to unleash greater health and happiness.

In this episode, you’ll leave with the tools and resources you need to make powerful life changes that boost self-empowerment – and it all starts with you.

Inside the Episode:

  • How to use self-awareness to combat burnout
  • Tools for stepping into the “driver’s seat” and owning your life
  • How to know if you’re on the right path in life for YOU
  • The philosophy behind yoga and tapping into the universe’s power
  • Resources and tips for starting a yoga practice

About Guest Danielle Aque:

From corporate hustle machine turned yoga enthusiast, Danielle helps women discover their power to thrive using the tools of yoga.

Guest Links: Website: Instagram: @DanielleAque, YouTube: Danielle Aque Yoga

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