Self Love is Self Care!

Tis the season of love this February. Valentine’s day is right around the corner. But what’s even more important is the love we give ourselves- you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Self-care is the highest form of self-love and with our to-do lists longer than a CVS receipt- oftentimes we put ourselves last.

Let’s talk about 5 main types of self-care so we can be the best versions of ourselves during this season of love.

5 Types of Self-Care:

  1. Physical Self Care: What am I fueling my body with? Am I constantly getting enough sleep? Am I getting enough exercise in order to feel good?
  2. Social Self Care: the fun stuff! We need a break- it’s important to take time to be social- whether it’s getting out in your community, going to a church function or grabbing coffee with a friend.
  3. Mental Self Care: Did you know that humans have about 6200 thoughts in a day? How you think affects your self-talk and ultimately how you feel about yourself. Focusing on gratitude and love, even when a negative thought crosses your mind will help keep your mind and energy in the highest place to serve you best. When you consistently focus on gratitude it’s easiest to lead with kindness and love.
  4. Spiritual Self-Care: This could be religion but it can also be meditation, yoga, and self-reflection. What is working in your life, what isn’t and what changes could be made so you can begin living your optional lifestyle today.
  5. Emotional Self-Care: Journaling is one of my favorite morning activities. Sharing my thoughts, ideas and plans. Focusing on gratitude and things that I will want to remember maybe next month or next year. It’s important to sometimes take a step back in order to step forward with more strength and positive energy. Creating inner balance, happiness and peace of mind to live the most joy filled life possible.

If you need a little extra self-care this month, let’s connect and we can find the best course of self-care just for you!

Caring for yourself is a necessry part of caring for others.



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