Finding Your Big Why and Living a Life of Financial Freedom with Dana Cadena

Big Why Interview with Dana Cadena

What motivates you to live your best life? Listen to an incredible interview with guest Dana Cadena as we explore finding your Big Why and living a life of financial freedom!

In this episode, you’ll walk away with a mindset shift that has your brain screaming “YES! I really can achieve financial freedom!” and it all starts with tapping into your Big Why.

Inside the Episode on Finding Your Big Why:

  • Why living your best life isn’t about the “stuff”, more stuff, or even better stuff.
  • The Big Why behind Dana’s career success + how to find yours.
  • A big secret to saving that’s so easy you won’t even know you’re doing it.
  • How the current global environment can be a catalyst for positive change.
  • Attainable and diverse ways to use real estate to achieve financial freedom.
  • The power of dreaming, manifesting, and setting Big Goals.
  • A surprising true story of how the universe can work in your favor.

About Guest Dana Cadena:

Dana Cadena is a mom, wife, public speaker, investor, certified real estate trainer, and an incredible guest – check this episode out for some major take-a-ways on living your best life!

Guest Links: Instagram: @danabcadena, Facebook: @danabcadena, YouTube: Overachiever Central

Episode Highlights:

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