Making Your Health a Priority

Health is absolutely a priority of mine… hence the name Health, Wealth, and Real Estate! Putting my health first is what I believe will help me live a very long, happy, and healthy life.

Last year I had the opportunity to do a Zoom Interview with a good friend health and functional health coach Noelle. 

Noelle works with individuals to help them achieve their health goals and improve their quality of life. When speaking to Noelle, I knew right away she understood the importance of “A Life Worth Living” and that maintaining your health is one way to do just that.

Nutrition + Mindfullness + Movement

The Three Main Pillars, Noelle Marie Health

A lifestyle, Not a Diet

Noelle also works with an industry leader in the clinical genomic diagnostic space. I was able to connect with her again when she was speaking at a conference at the Ritz Carlton here in Naples.

Noelle is an incredible resource because her methods are practical. They are tailored around your life, she encourages you to adjust your lifestyle for lasting change as opposed to abrupt transitions that are likely to fade out like a fad diet. 

There is so much information out there and some misinformation. People are often confused about what direction they want to go.. animal-based, paleo, keto, vegetarian, or vegan because the icons we may follow may be extreme.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of diets, check out this article from BarBend, outlining the specifics of 9 common diet types with their pros and cons.

Remember, your health and your “diet” are lifestyle choices! It all depends on what best fits your lifestyle and your goals. You cannot compare your health roadmap to anyone else.

My advice is to do what speaks to you, what feels right to your body, and align with those with who you can relate to foster lasting change so you can feel your best self and live your best life. 

The Greatest Wealth is Health!

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